Toyota Land Cruiser

March 10, 2012

Toyota Land Cruiser relieve the model launched in 2007. This model is considered a true icon in the market, it perfectly meets the demands of its customers, offering a very specific capabilities, combining quality durability and reliability. It is available from € 38,000 to € 92,600

The new Land Cruiser is renewed inside and outwhile maintaining the spirit of the model of the past sixty years has given its support. The Japanese brand is marketed in 184 countries and has sold no less than five million units since its launch, both version three and five doors.

60 years on the market
The Toyota Land Cruiser is the longest running model in the market since its launch in 1970. Therefore, the Japanese launched a special commemorative version, available in two body styles, two engines, the new 190 hp diesel and the most exclusive 4.0 V6 Dual VVT-i And a special equipment.

Revised Chassis
The frame Toyota Land Cruiser has been extensively revised while maintaining the construction of twin-spar chassis. This review has led to increased body rigidity by eleven percent and included insulating substrate between the chassis and body to absorb engine noise, transmission and running gear to enhance the comfort of the passengers on board.

The five-door Toyota Land Cruiser measures 4,760 mm long, 1,885 mm wide, 1,845 mm high and has a wheelbase of 2,790 millimeters.

The three-door version Toyota Land Cruiser measures 4,485 mm long, 1,885 mm wide and 1,835 mm high. The wheelbase is reduced by 335 mm and stood at 2,455 millimeters.

In both cases, the fuel tank capacity is 87 liters, are approved for five seats and luggage capacity is a fact that the mark has not yet provided.
The front suspension follows a double wishbone independent whereas in the rear axle we use a system of four arms with stabilizer bar.

Sophisticated technology in the service of the chassis
Toyota offers three systems can be mounted as an option and whose mission is to improve the behavior of the chassis and comfort of passengers traveling in the Toyota Land Cruiser.

One of these advanced systems is the KDSS (stands for Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System) which optimizes front and rear stabilizers to improve performance both on and off the road the same (watch video).

The adaptive suspension AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension acronym) already offered in the previous generation, but now includes new enhancements that make it even more complete and functional.

These technological improvements are the anti-sway control that allows the driver to adjust the ride characteristics on three programs that vary the shock absorbers, a rear air suspension system governed by an electronic module that keeps track of the rear suspension, the system Balancing and Automatic Height Control is responsible for absorbing high frequency vibrations to reduce noise, vibration and harshness generated by the road.

MTS or Multi Terrain Select is a system that automatically controls the power and the braking force according to the terms of the earthy or surface. It has four operating programs and is supported by a vision system with four 360-degree cameras that allow the driver to know the angle of rotation in the environment that is moving .

Crawl Control is the latest in embedded systems to the new Toyota Land Cruiser. There are five preset speeds allowing the driver to operate with ease on rough terrain and overcome obstacles in its path without stepping on the accelerator or the brake. This system provides assistance to drivers who are stuck in sand or mud.

New sustainable mechanics
Toyota is aware that benefits are not at odds with the reduction of pollutant emissions and their models must be efficient in both environmental and in providing customers with capacity 4×4 models with which they can travel comfortably and a high degree of dynamic behavior.

Therefore, the two possibilities of bodywork are offered only two engines, front longitudinal position: The most powerful is a block of six cylinders in V with four liter engine and 279 horsepower at a maximum speed of 5,600 revolutions per minute . The maximum torque that delivers this engine is 385 Nm at 4,400 rpm. This engine is known commercially as 4.0 Dual VVT-i V6 has variable valve timing. The only available transmission this engine is coupled to an automatic gearbox five relationships. This engine meets the Euro V antipollution regulations .

Until November, the Nippon brand will continue to offer two diesel options available, a four-cylinder, direct injection common rail, variable geometry turbocharger, heat exchanger and three liter engine that develops a maximum power of 173 hp at a maximum speed of 3,400 revolutions per minute, the maximum torque is 410 Newton meters and displays at its best between 1,600 and 2,800 rpm. Transmission can be manual or six relations and five-speed automatic gearbox available. This engine complies with Euro IV emissions. 3.0 commercially known as D-4D . And is also sold with an output of 204 hp with fuel consumption and emissions identical to the version of 173 hp.

Emissions from both engines have been reduced by twelve percent, so that the gas engine gets a unique value for the version of manual and automatic 256 grams per kilometer. The diesel engine emission level varies between 210 and 224 grams per kilometer depending on the chosen transmission and the release of three or five doors.

Since late 2010, Toyota will replace these two mechanics for a single choice of 190 hp. This new engine is the familiar 3.0-liter D4-D has been somentido a major overhaul. The changes have focused on replacing electromagnetic injector for a piezoelectric type. Furthermore, the pressure is varied and the dimensioning of the turbocharger.

The cabin Toyota Land Cruiser is roomy and spacious. The five-seat version can be mounted further third row of seats displacement with a length of 135 mm. The first row has reclining seatbacks and fold in a 40:20:40 ratio which allows easier access to the third row. The third row has the integrated headrests on the seat, so if you decide to bring them down are perfectly integrated into the trunk floor. This element is optional on the GX finish.

The outer seats of the third row can be independent and up and down manually or by electrical option is performed simply by pushing a button on the tailgate and the seat right in the second row.

The steering wheel is multifunctional and features a single control which have centralized the other buttons that existed in the previous model. From this button you can access the personalization of the vehicle. In the center console, A large display shows the images captured by camera vision system 360 º for easy maneuvering.

Numerous storage compartments are divided by the interior: a large hole slide is included in the center armrest with provision for incorporating cooling .

Equipment and finishes
Toyota offers three trim levels: GX the most basic, intermediate and highest VX range VXL Premium. The first two are available in the bodies of three five doors while the highest is exclusive five-door version

The first two, GX and VX, mounted aluminum alloy wheels of 17 inches in diameter and the VXL all premium alloy wheels 18 inches in diameter.

The technology reaches full the new Toyota Land Cruiser, with systems for simple, quick and intuitive to make life easier on board. Systems like smart entry and start operating in combination with lighting for easy entry and exit in low light, upward opening tailgate providing access to the boot in confined spaces, Tri-zone automatic climate control are just some of the items available in this new generation that are standard to the level of termination.

Allocation is completed with a high-fidelity sound Surround Synthesis signed by JBL Premium featuring surround sound amplifier eleven channels and 605 watts of power, seventeen speakers and CD player and DVD. In combination with the satellite navigation system, sound system can be stored on the hard disk of up to two thousand songs browser. Both systems are optional.


MAXIMUM 282 hp
FUEL TYPE Gasoline
TRANSMISSION 5-speed automatic
BODY TYPE All Terrain
CO2 EMISSIONS 340 g / km
PRICE 91900 €


VVT-i V6 Auto 5 Door

MAXIMUM 282 hp
FUEL TYPE Gasoline
TRANSMISSION 5-speed automatic
BODY TYPE All Terrain
CO2 EMISSIONS 256 g / km
PRICE 74600 €

200 4.5 D-4D V8 5 Door

MAXIMUM 286 hp
TRANSMISSION 5-speed automatic
BODY TYPE All Terrain
CO2 EMISSIONS 270 g / km
PRICE 92600 €


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