Skoda Fabia 1.2 TSI

May 10, 2012

Fashionable illusion is not his thing: The Škoda Fabia is simply one of the best cars in the competitive small car market.Its weaknesses are few and far between, fair prices and above all, who is traveling alone or in pairs, hardly needs more car around you.As the mileage of the Fabia customers move each year usually much less than 15,000 kilometers, it must not even be ein’Dieselmotor.Driving pleasure, low fuel consumption and an almost exemplary package provides the Skoda Octavia 1.2 TSI.

If even Skoda Fabia, then the 1.2 TSI is the best choice.The turbocharged four-cylinder with 63 kW/86 hp makes the small front-wheel drive car to a fleet that is sufficiently prepared on highways and country roads fun.From 1,500 rpm / peak torque of 160 Nm is available – so it goes from bottom out cheerfully to the point.

Annoying, that are given by the Škoda factory price value class only a five-speed gearbox.After all, he can be a number greater order with a seven-step double-clutch gearbox.However, not only in this league for the 2400 € extra charge – not Necessary – More power and better gear a lot of money.

Skoda Fabia promises for the 1.2 TSI with 86 hp with an average consumption of 5.2 liters Super per 100 kilometers.In reality, there are even short of cautious driving style more than seven liters.Especially in the inner city, the Škoda Fabia shows with well over eight liters of drinking plenty of joy.Is regenerative braking and a start-stop system is only for Ökomodell Fabia GreenLine.

Rest in the car

The speed of the 1.2 TSI is nearly 180 km / h and the sprint on of 0100 km / h creating the front-wheel drive in normal 11.7 seconds.Convince not only the passage of the free-revving 1.2-liter engine, but also tuning of the suspension.The steering of the McPherson strut front suspension to smooth some of the power assistance is impeccable.The torsion beam rear suspension brings peace to the car and the necessary comfort on bad roads.Interferes even on cobblestones that are anything but soft not vote – on the contrary.

The 4.11 meter long Škoda Fabia is no mobile scene – but he is consistently a class car for everyday use.The front seats are excellent, and even in the rear for two adults take good place with good intentions.It must indeed be a trip to the holiday is not always the same.The cargo space swallows 315-1180 liters.In all, the interior of the Fabia with value and tidy.The shelves fit.The Czech is just not a poser, but an honest car that is both inside and out can be seen throughout.

But no matter how good the Fabia with its complete package of 1.2 TSI engine, balanced chassis, maneuverability and space is on the move: The standard equipment is anything but pleasant.So there are at the base versions of the Fabia and Fabia Classic aboard even the most necessary.Nowadays, we have to haggle with the dealer not to amenities such as air conditioning, heated mirrors, electric rear windows and a radio.

Therefore, it should be at least the 15 080 € expensive Skoda Fabia Ambiente 1.2 TSI to provide some comfort there.Six airbags, ESP and ABS are also standard equipment, then like cruise control, air conditioning and a gearshift point indicator.What it needs more small cars to happiness?The white-painted roof, perhaps – for 270 euros extra but then there’s still a little lifestyle.

Skoda Fabia Combi 1.2 TSI
Engine Series
Cylinder 4
Displacement (cc) 1197
Power (kW / hp) 63/86
Payload (kg) 455
Total weight (kg) 1591
0-100 km / h (s) 11.8
Vmax (km / h) 178
Consumption (L/100 km) 5.2
Fuel Super
Base price (€) 13 680


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