Seat Exeo 2.0 TDI

May 24, 2012

“Especially among business customers, we want to make our brand more this week,” Seats says Germany manager Holger Boehme.In particular, the Exeo and the Exeo ST estate version, the Audi A4 for many years as the band ran Seat has a lot of plans.To gain access to the fleet for a long time lacked the combination of diesel and automatic transmission.Which is now available.

Those who choose the 120-hp diesel basis of the Seat Exeo 2.0 TDI Reference decides to change the need to continue the six-speed manual.But for businesses and home users that can travel thousands of miles per year in the car, the stronger 143-hp version is the better choice anyway.For here, the customer can decide whether the manual six-speed manual or – should be a Multitronic – from 1800 € extra charge.

An ideal candidate is in the continuously variable multitronic Exeo 2.0 TDI, however.The engineers have implemented the continuously variable transmission version of the seven levels artificially.Not ideal, but in a passing maneuver on the highway always better than waiting for the enthusiasm of the tough bevel gears in the gearbox housing.

Accordion effect

Even the powerful diesel engine can, with its 105 kW/143 hp and 320 Nm from 1,750 rpm, the rest r /, not about playing the tough operation of a continuously variable automatic transmission.What is disturbing when driving slowly in the inner city or even a high speed on the highway can not inspire the driver in dynamic pace with ever changing tempos.Just a short spurt or the powerful acceleration, the accordion effect is always disturbing.Engine speed and the flexible gear selection seem always match is not ideal.

For frequent travelers who want to save the manual switch in the inner city or in a traffic jam, probably the combination of the vocal clearly common-rail diesel engine and automatic transmission still be a good choice.Who wants to be on the road faster, which was recommended in the manual intervention of the switching modes.

The performance should make the most of our customers, but satisfied.The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h, the 1.5-ton front-wheel drive creates in 9.6 seconds.The speed of the station wagon is at 201 km / hIf you want more steam, which can odern the Exeo also features a 170 horsepower diesel engine, the 224 km / h run significantly faster, thus leading the way is.This gain in driving fun, the TDI driver is not bought with thirst.On the contrary: The 170-hp 5.7-liter diesel Exeo diesel per 100 kilometers, almost as much as the multitronic version consumes 5.8 liters.

More space for living

Sport versions all have in common is a decidedly taut suspension tuning, which is also the dynamic combination diesel is good to face, however, has some comfort on bad roads weaknesses.

The interior shows the 4.66 meter long valued the Seat Exeo, but somewhat aged charm of the old Audi A4.But everything touching her great and fits well with the excellent seats and the best Exeo operation.Few voices are presented only to operate the cruise control on a redundant third stalk on the left driver’s knees.

The available space can be particularly at the front and rear more variable Exeo ST can be seen, which should enjoy a wagon version was more popular.Here is a revised rear seats about four more inches of space for the occupants.The load capacity of the Seat Exeo ST varies 442-1354 liters.

The base price for the Seat Exeo 2.0 TDI multi-tonic in the Style trim level is reasonable at € 30 190.The better-equipped Exeo Sport with the same engine and transmission combination will cost € 31 990.But for many long-distance drivers would be the 170 hp strong diesel engine due to the significantly higher dynamics the better option.In addition, it costs € 600 each less than the multitronic version.

Seat Exeo 2.0 TDI


Engine Series
Cylinder 4
Displacement (cc) 1968
Power (kW / hp) 105/143
Payload (kg) 560
Total weight (kg) 2050
0-100 km / h (s) 9.6
Vmax (km / h) 207
Consumption (L/100 km) 5.7
Fuel Diesel
Base price (€) 26 790


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