Seat Altea XL 1.9 TDI

May 16, 2012

The Touran is the German king of minivans.But “First of schau’n what seat” price-conscious shoppers to proceed with the motto.And since the Altea pushes into the spotlight.When space makes the XL version of its name.There are cheap places in the family seat is not – on all seats is desirable to lie down comfortably.Depending on the required legroom for the rear passengers can move the rear seats to 14 centimeters in length, so that is more or less cargo space is available.Maximum of 635 liters of luggage space (at the front are completely pushed back seats, with seats folded down there in 1604 liters) is indeed a journey suitable for announcement – but compared to the competition but still only average, lower.The Touran, for example, swallows 695 liters, the Zafira 654, the Renault Grand Scénic XXL collected 681 liters.

Apart from the high loading lip, luggage compartment of the seat is very handy after all.The Spaniard is working with two levels: for a couple of suitcases and bags range the standard design (flat luggage compartment floor).Who wants to carry sperrigeres Well, simply remove the bottom rack is complete and the storage space available.The cover can be folded back and piecemeal.

What to do with the bottle?

The center armrest in the rear serves as a loading facility or as a table with integrated cup holders.On the front seat backs are attached small folding table, how it is used by French van.

A few little things cloud the overall picture of the XL-interiors, however.Nowhere else can post in spite of the numerous cupholders larger bottles.In the two cup holders on the center console because the console actually be overhanging cans only – and they are finally out.The storage compartment in the center console is deep, but very narrow.

On small details, savings measures become clear.For example, the glove compartment is not illuminated.There is no warning for an open trunk.Because they close the heavy door with a vengeance need to fix it properly, because one can ever take ajar door – without even realizing it.

When the XL range of engines leaves the choice between three petrol engines (102 to 160 hp) and two diesel engines with power outputs of 105, 140 and 170 hp.Our test car was equipped with the base diesel.The power transmission takes over where a five-speed gearbox.The well-known engine from the VW-shelf is characterized by very smooth running and proper torque.Only for overtaking on country roads one wishes a few more horses.Also that in the base diesel has only five speeds available is a shame.VW Touran equips its the same engine with a six-speed gearbox.

Sufficient power, low consumption

Sparing the 105 hp engine is all.Specified seat of average consumption is 5.4 liters.Out of town that is also feasible.Most of our test consumption was 6-7 liters, which is impressive for a van of this size still.Even with a pleasant Mitschwimmtempo 130-150 km / h on the highway there is a 6 in front of the decimal point.Who is making frequent long trips with lots of useful load, will probably still flirting with the 140-hp diesel.For there is also a DSG gearbox, which fits perfectly with the big diesels.Thus, the Altea XL, however, costs have more than 26,000 €.

The Spanish van drives really nice, the steering is direct, the five-speed circuit liquid.Like going back there to some extent, to the front you have to guess where the hood and probably the start the car park wall – In the Overview, there are negative points.The suspension is tuned more firmly that the Altea XL brings an equally good road as the Touran.The curves are very fast but not his thing.This can improve the small power-brother Altea FR naturally.ESP runs the XL series, as well as front, side and head airbags.

The Altea XL is available in the equipment versions Reference, Reference and Stylance to have comfort.The basic equipment is very thin, the top equipment provides up to dual-zone climate control and multi-function buttons on the steering wheel actually only design frills.Who wants to surcharge order extras like leather upholstery, sports suspension, sunroof and DVD navigation system with color screen, it gets but only in conjunction with the Stylance package.

The 22 950 € expensive than Comfort XL Reference happy medium is a good value for money.Are on board including climate control, electric windows front and rear, electric windows and central locking.In the competition must be put on the table more often.For example, a Touran with the same 105 hp diesel costs even in the basic equipment 23 092 €, a Renault Grand Scénic with 1.5-liter diesel engine (104 hp) is to have from 23 150 €.

Seat Altea XL 1.9 TDI


Engine Series
Cylinder 4
Displacement (cc) 1896
Power (kW / hp) 77/105
Payload (kg) 620
Total weight (kg) 2064
0-100 km / h (s) 12.6
Vmax (km / h) 183
Consumption (L/100 km) 5.4
Fuel Diesel
Base price (€) 21 790


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